Supa Screen Sliding Doors

Supascreen™ new security hinged and sliding doors and window screens provide clear vision, yet discretely secure your home. Supascreen™ is made from marine grade woven stainless steel mesh.

The assembly is totally free of mechanical fitting such as screws, rivets & pin and instead relies on patented manufacturing process whereby all the sections are held together under pressure. The stylish good looks are also enhanced because there are no visible because there are no visible fastening or anchor points.


With Supascreen™, your home can be open to cooling breezers while the family is inside, safe and sound. You have total security without compromising the outside appearance of your home. Frames can be colour co-ordinated to match your existing joinery.


No two doors or windows are the same. Supascreen™ is custom manufactured specially for your home. The strength and durability of stainless steel together with Supascreen™ patented construction method makes it one of the toughest security systems, without the need for bars or grills.